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Although nothing feels better than a long hot shower, especially when it is cold outside, there are two factors to account for as soon as you’re done with your 15 minutes of bliss. 1. It's freezing and now you have dripping wet hair, which you probably won't want to air dry. And 2. You now need to blow-dry your hair, (you probably saw that one coming). To ensure you get to have your shower, and beautiful hair too, we're giving you a few top 5 reasons you need a shower cap! 


Reason #1: Re-styling

Because it’s Monday, and you don’t want to wash your hair… again. Our "Sunday Hair" is almost in need of washing and you're having a case of those "Mondays". You can stretch that style one more day with the use of your handy dandy shower cap. It will not only keep your hair from getting wet, but it will block out all moisture that would normally cause frizz.


Reason #2: Deep Conditioning

To receive all the benefits of a deep conditioner it is best to shampoo hair, apply a deep conditioner, twist back and COVER! By covering your hair in a shower cap it allows the heat from your head to create the perfect enclosed environment for product to penetrate the cuticle. 

Our top picks: 


Reason #3: Sleepy Time

If you hate waking up with unmanageable bed head, try using a shower cap when you sleep. While it might not be the most glamorous way to snooze, you can say bye-bye to the AM rats nest because it retains your style throughout the night.  


Reason #4: Reduce Breakage

Your hair will thank you because you are reducing damage and hair breakage. Using a shower cap when sleeping, getting ready, or prolonging your hair washing means less pulling and styling, and thus stronger, longer, healthier hair.  


Reason #5: Save water

California may be the most familiar state suffering from the draught, however all over the world, we are in a water crisis. Do your part to preserve the earth’s natural resources by shortening your shower time. Using a shower cap makes it a breeze to pop in and out of the shower in a flash, saving gallons upon gallons of water. 


Next time you're thinking about washing your hair, think about these top 5 reasons to save your hair and the environment.