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Cover Style: Michael Nowlan, Written by: Lori Barsamian


Sundays are perfect for taking a stroll to the farmers' market, wearing your sunnies to brunch, and sporting your tennies with your favorite flowey dress — the key here is to be COMFY! This also rings true with your hairstyle. The last thing you want to do on Sunday morning is wakeup and style your hair — thus “Sunday Hair” was born. Perfectly unkempt but clean, curly and straight, just enough grunge and style to go perfectly with your mascara. 


If you work in the hair industry — Mondays are actually your “Sundays”, but you can still rock that Sunday hair any day of the week. It is made up of: 1 part styling your hair the night before (or getting it blown out) for a special event, 1 part bed head and 2 parts sleepy.

“Re-styling” you hair after it has been properly styled really is as easy as “I woke up like this”. Roll out of bed and  shake it out with your hands, that’s it. Your stylist did all the prep work for you the day before which is why it STILL LOOKS GOOD! 


Style By: Joey Scandizzo


A few tips if you need to refresh: 


  •     Never brush, use your fingers, this gives it a more tousled “beachy” look.



  •     Opt for a hat - if you’re not loving the whole look, this is the perfect time to try a hat. I never wear a hat on freshly dried hair — simply because I don’t want to cover up the style, however I have no problem donning a hat on Sunday’s, it actually looks better on day old hair. 


  •     Pony Up! Pony tails look great when hair is styled, but with the same rule as the hat — I didn’t style my hair to put it up. Have no fear, if you want your second day hair out of your face— your pony will look extra fierce and voluminous with your Sunday best! 


Your friends will be envious when you roll into brunch with the much wanted “lived-in” hair that they strive so hard to achieve. Don’t forget to send a selfie to your stylist, thanking them for making you look great two days in a row.

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