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Over the past few years, Instagram has grown from (yet another) social platform to a powerhouse for business. Changes are constantly being made to algorithms and new apps and websites are being created each day, but Instagram proves to be the leader – especially in a visually focused industry, such as beauty. To help you grow, we wanted to give you the tops tips to grow your Instagram following.

1. Consistency Is Key

Just like your hairstyles, consistency in your Instagram feed is equally important. You want to make sure you are showing off the best of your work with flattering angles of your clients on a minimal background.

  • Try not to photos of your clients in the chair. Stand your clients up and position them in front of a light colored wall with minimal distractions.
  • Keep your personal life for your personal Instagram. Part of being consistent is keeping your page focused on hair.
  • Pop in the occasional before and after. It is always a great idea to take before and after pictures no matter if you’re planning on posting it or not.

2. Use Video

Video is one of the top performing mediums on both Instagram and Facebook so be sure to switch up your feed by mixing in video whenever you get a chance.

  • Add slow-mo’s or time-lapse to show off your practice and create a bit of drama.
  • Invest in editing apps. As you’ll learn, editing video can be quite tricky so we suggest you walk before you run. Use your phone to record relevant video and then use and app like iMovie, Clips or Power Director to trim, edit and even add music.

3. Tag Appropriately

Tagging brands that you used, and magazines or publications you admire or want to be featured in. By tagging both photos and videos with relevant accounts you’ll get more eyes on your beautiful work. Aside from just tagging brands, be sure to hashtag as well. Hashtags are the easiest way to get more traction – just be sure to diversify and keep hashtags to between 11 and 30 (the max). When hashtagging, think about what clients would search for if they wanted to find a service similar to your image. 

4. Comment & Like

By commenting and liking fellow stylist’s and relevant publication’s work you’ll be able to create bonds within the online community. Whenever you get the chance to be sure to spend time following, friending, liking and commenting in 15-minute intervals.

5. Use Your Stories!

Insta stories have become one of the best ways to get your current audience and new eyes on your feed. These 15-second snaps can be about your process to get the perfect finish, about your go-to products or tips and tricks for your clients to use at home. Give your audience a reason to follow you and engage with your work.

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