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The 60’s were such an iconic era in terms of style and beauty. This season as the trends of the 60’s make their way back into the trend cycle, get ahead of the movement with this beayutiful tutorial from Krysia Eddery, Owner of Perfectly Posh Hair Design. She notes that the Brigitte Bardot style has always been enviable and women nationwide have been trying to emulate her look for decades. Fast forward to the present day and this style is still a classic. While we still see lots of variations of this timeless look replicated in so many ways - this allows you to appreciate each modern recreation; looking back through the different decades and taking inspiration from different periods. To recreate Krysia’s take of the classic Brigitte, style follow these steps below!

  1. Begin by prepping the hair using a volumising shampoo and conditioner and avoid using anything too heavy in the hair as you want it to remain light and manageable in order to create that drama
  2. Use a round barrel brush to blowdry the hair and add as much volume and height as possible to the crown. Add a bend to the ends of the hair too as this will act as a base when you touch the ends up with a curling iron. Blowdry the hair towards the crown, away from the face to add height and begin to create the shape of your bouffant
  3. Using a backcombing brush, take sections of hair and backcomb to create volume. Continue this until you have created enough height in the hair to brush back and smooth over the top to form the ‘beehive’ shape
  4. Hold this in place using hair grips underneath the crown and continue until you are happy with the placement. 
  5. Use a curling iron to slightly polish up the ends of the hair and finish with a holding hair spray or texturising mist to add some further flexibility to the hair and hold it in place all night long

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