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Choices. Sometimes we linger, sometimes they happen in a split second. But, why do we choose what we choose? Could our whole lives have been different on a split decision? What if there IS no wrong choice. I believe what’s meant to happen will happen, but that’s just me. Despite my typically positive attitude, I am no stranger to the thought “what if I had made a different choice?” Would my career, my life be better? Or worse?

That thought process is not any different when it comes to competitions. It’s all in the image. The final selections submitted are left to tell the story. Would the slightest difference from one pic to the other make the difference between making it to the finals and winning? Well, that’s yet to be seen. Check back end of July.


I am Daniel Roldan, NAHA 2016 Texture Nominee, and despite being a finalist I was left asking just that. Was my selection too edgy? Not edgy enough? Was the one I left out the one that would have secured a win? What are the judges looking for, how do they make their selections? Do you submit the images you love? Or do you submit what you think they will love? Depends on who you are competing for. Are you pushing YOUR limits? Or are you competing for the title? They may in fact be 2 very different races. 


With the submissions below, would you have selected a different combination? Would you have selected the same? 



NAHA 2016 Finalist Nomination Collection in The "Texture" Category



The photo's that didn't make the cut.


Notoriety is of course a lovely thing, being recognized by your peers is an honor. An accomplishment. But, the bigger accomplishment…being true to your craft. Select what makes you proud. Select the image that makes you feel like you pushed your limits. Submit the images that make you proud to be an artist and no matter what the outcome is…. you have truly won. 


Do you have tips on how you make your decisions? Or if I made the right decision? We would love to hear more from you in the comments below or contact me on Instagram @D_Roldan