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As color trends go, Balayage is a technique that has not wavered through time. As popularity for brights, pastels, and highlighting patterns come and go, balayage is always a tried and true favorite. It gives the stylist the ability to paint on highlights in a very natural way. It offers the stylist creative control and gives the client perfectly placed highlights that look as though you’ve spent the summer in the sun.


Balayage can be tailored to any hair and color type and we absolutely love this style for the upcoming season of 70’s inspired shades.


In recent times, there have been so many improvements not only to the technique, but the tools used to get this style of color. The most recent being Clay-based lightener, like Scruples Balayage Clay Lightener. Clay-based lightener is a specific type of bleach that is formulated for balayage application and perfected for open-air highlights. As stylists, you are able to use this formula to paint freely and contour the hair to your desired effect.


Scruples Balayage Clay Lightener is formulated with Kaolin and Amazonia White Clays that seamlessly surround and enclose the hair and lightener together, for a smooth consistency that doesn’t swell, bleed or transfer. Rich with organic Patauá Oil, as the clay lightens this light moisturizing oil works to protect the hair and scalp and cut down on cuticle damage, while Keratin helps improve hair’s inner strength.


Now that you know more about this miracle worker, stay tuned for tutorials from Scruples to create the color you desire.