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Colortrak Introduces Revolutionary Professional Balayage Haircoloring Film 

Colortrak is launches its NEW Professional Balayage Haircoloring Film in select stores this October with nationwide availability by January 2016. The new film is expected to become a major hit due to its “no cling” technology. 


Colortrak, the industry’s most extensive line of hair color tools & accessories, is introducing a brand new product to the hair coloring community – Professional Balayage Haircoloring Film. The product’s no cling technology makes the film an ideal replacement for the classic kitchen plastic wrap most commonly used by hair colorists today. Plastic wrap presents many challenges such as its sticky nature that make it almost impossible to use. The Professional Balayage Haircoloring Film alleviates the headache that plastic wrap brings by sticking to itself and becoming a crumpled ball or sticking to the hair and ruining the end result. Although Colortrak is not the first to the beauty market with film, it is certainly the first to successfully develop a professional film that does not cling and is very easy to use.


Colortrak’s Professional Balayage Haircoloring Film features 6” X 12” perforated sheets that allow for easy prep work vs. the competitor’s serrated box edge. The film is so adaptable that it can be used without tearing at the perforation for longer pieces to accommodate different lengths of hair. The perforations have been uniquely designed to tear easily, while preventing color from bleeding through with the use of multiple sheets instead of one. In addition, this film does not cling or crumple, and it does not stick to the hair in a manner that will ruin your work, resulting in less waste from clingy messes. This film is a perfect tool for balayage, free hand painting, highlighting and more. Colortrak’s Professional Balayage Hair Coloring Film has truly proven itself as superior by solving all the issues previously experienced with similar products. 


The NEW Professional Balayage Haircoloring Film is already making headlines as a top new product to watch out for in 2015 & 2016. Launched earlier this year at Cosmoprof North America, the product quickly caught the attention of editorials and stylists alike. 

As hair colorists and industry professionals continue to rave about the film on social media, the film is already becoming an essential hair coloring tool before it even hits store shelves. To learn more about Colortrak’s Balayage Haircoloring Film click HERE


About Colortrak:


Founded in 1980, Colortrak is a division of Betty Dain Creations Inc. and is headquartered in Miami, FL. They have infused a strong company history with their extensive color background to create the most complete hair color accessory line in the beauty industry.