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I’ll be honest…
I have a total #haircrush on Ms. @HannahRose! Take a look, you will too. 

I was able to sit down with Hannah and ask her about her styles and how she achieves her Instagram worthy hair! What’s her key to ‘Instagram Worthy’ Locks? Natural texture and braids! Learn a little more about her look and her tips to achieve her wanderlusting style. 

We met on Instagram and continued our friendship on Bangstyle, and although we are friends that have never met in person, taking a peek at her feed offers a faint amount of insight into her world. Hannah is the epitome of Boho, and she needs her hair to match. To create her look she wears her natural curl/wave most days and plays with braids every chance she gets. 
Always incredibly boho she likes her hair to match her outfits!


HannahRose Blogger Hair Crush

How to Get the Look:
  • Let your hair dry naturally (hers is naturally curly) Braiding is best done the day after you wash! Otherwise it's way too slippery and smooth!
  • Then tightly braid each side, starting right under the ear. 
  • Flip them over and place at the frontal section of the head, sometimes one looks better on one side then the other, so play with it. Normally I bobby pin them down with an X-Patten technique, and eventually they'll stay. 
  • Then place a plumping powder, like POWDER.PUFF and lightly tap over the braids. Mix it in them a bit until braids are nice and full!
Blogger Hair How-To, Hair Crush Hannah Rose

Blogger Hair Style How-To


Hannah’s advice on braiding:

If you want to try different braiding techniques, practice, practice, practice! A Fishtail can be hard at first, but with the right products, direction and practice, soon you’ll be able to do it in your sleep. *Don’t forget to pull apart the hair after you braid, it will look way more natural :)

Be sure to stalk HannahRose on Bangstyle for all of her latest inspiration!