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Buying a new blow dryer is exciting! It’s new and shiny with a wealth of possibilities.


Upon retail excitement, you tear the blow dryer out of its package, tossing away the box and wielding your new tool like a pro. You didn’t even notice the extra attachments. Upon second glance, you might not even know what they’re for!


Here’s a handy guide on what those mystery attachments do and how they can help enhance your blowout:



·        Concentrates air flow for more efficient styling

·        Directs heat and air so you can add volume to some areas and smooth over others

·        Helps you to stick to one section (It’s imperative to do so until that section is completely dry!)



No matter the texture, a diffuse can be used on your hair.

·        If you have curly this, this is an absolute must-have. A diffuser ensures hair dries conclusively in a quarter of the time, without adding extra frizz. If you flip your head and carefully scrunch while diffusing, you can add major volume to the base of your curls.

·        For those with a wavy texture: Love your natural look but hate it when your waves flare with frizz? Touching your locks or going outside before hair is fully dry will result in this headache. To avoid looking like you got hit by a wave, try a diffuser to enhance texture and fight frizz.


So go ahead and dig out your blow dryer box – the attachments are really worth attaching!


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