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Ions are atoms (or molecules) made up of protons and electrons that can either be positively or negatively charged.The reason why we need to understand a bit about ions is because we use tools that interact with the ions in our hair, in both positive and negative forms. 

Not only do ionic dryers help reduce static electricity, ionic dryers like the 1907 by FROMM Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer, have both a positive AND negative ion switch, which allows for optimum ion control! In case you don’t know the difference… 



Why going negative is sometimes good:


When our hair is wet it is in a positive ionic state, the use of negative ions will break apart H20 molecules; speeding up the drying time, closing the cuticle, and leaving hair soft and shiny. When time is of the essence or you have a client with thick hair, the negative switch can be your best friend! Reducing drying time also means reducing the damage to your hair - something everyone loves! 



Positive Vibes:


The positive (ion) switch isn’t for everyone, but having the option is always nice. Positive ions allow you to dry the hair while leaving the cuticle in a more open state. In a world when we are usually looking to close the cuticle… why would you want to do this?? VOLUME my friends! The positive switch is perfect for hair that is looking for a boost in height. 



See?! Ions can be for everyone! You just have to learn how to use them properly. Have fun with your new found knowledge and perfect that blowout! 


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