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The perfect blowout actually starts way before you flip the switch on the dryer. Prepping for a blowout begins in the shower. Try out these quick and easy tips to ensure the best blowout.


Brush Before You Shower: This will alleviate time spent in the shower, saving you precious moments and water. Ridding your hair of kinks and tangles will make it easier for you to properly cleanse and work shampoo and conditioner throughout your scalp. Use a paddle brush to work through sections from the bottoms up, to avoid breakage.

Shampoo 2 Times: No matter the hair type, shampooing at least twice guarantees a clean palate to begin. This will not only create body, bounce and a holding factor, it will also help your strands properly soak up all those amazing products you’ve invested in.


Use Conditioner Sparingly: If you want a beautiful blowout that lasts, rethink your conditioner placement. For finer, textured hair: apply conditioner only to the ends. For medium: you can work it a little farther up into your mid-shaft. For thicker texture: still aim to keep conditioner off scalp - you may think it will help your hair de-frizz, but it will just weigh it down. To control frizz, volume, and flyaways, update your post-shower regimen with heat protectants, mousse, and serums.


Brush Before You Begin: After showering and applying the products of your choosing, use a paddle brush to disperse products evenly throughout your strands. Doing this will speed up your blowout and ensure you don’t have patches of products weighing hair down.

With these quick and easy tips, your blowout will be quicker, last longer, and look beautiful!

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