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As the seasons change and we head back to school, revamp our work style for fall, and are invited to work events, parties, and soirees, we should have a handful of sweet styles to try! In this tutorial, Sherri Jessee takes us through a festival-inspired braid 'do that can be worn half up or transformed into a fun up-do. We absolutely love this bohemian-style twist! Take your pick and let us know what you chose in the comments below!


STEP 1:     Apply a amount of a bodifying mousse and blow dry hair with a center part. Spray each section with hair spray and wrap hair on a  1.5” SULTRA Bombshell wand to create beautiful waves in the hair.


STEP 2:     Lightly tease the top crown section and pull to the center back and secure with bobby pins.


STEP 3:     Take a small section from the front top on each side and twist back away from the face. Lightly pull on the twisted rope to make it looser and larger.


STEP 4:     Direct each twisted section to the back and slide in a few bobby pins. Keep the pins closed for a tighter hold.


STEP 5:     Braid the hair framing the face in the front on each side. Allow a few pieces to gently drop out.  Be sure to hold the sections toward the back and gently pull the braid out to make it larger.


STEP 6:     Drape the braids to the back and slide in a few pins.

This works well as a look in itself! However, you can add to it to create a fun up-do as well!


STEP 7:     Separate the bottom into three sections and braid.



STEP 8:     Twist the braid around and pin to secure.


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