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Is your hair ready for winter? This boho halo braid is the perfect new style to get you through the season! In this tutorial from Evie Rivera-Peterson, she shows us how to get the perfect halo braid, fit for a queen. Take a peek at the steps below and be sure to check out all of her tutorials!

STEP ONE: Apply Redken Full Frame 07 mousse throughout the hair

STEP TWO: Blow-dry hair with a round brush to create volume and texture. Follow this up with a 1-inch curling iron, pinning each section to secure them until cool.

STEP THREE: Apply Redken Braid Aid 03 to the hair to help smooth the flyaways and hold the ends together.

STEP FOUR: Create a section at the top of the head in a halo parting and continuously braid from one side to the other in a circular motion. Once finished, secure the ends with an elastic band.

STEP FIVE: After securing the braid, rouge out the sides of the braid to create a thicker look. Then secure the braids down with a few Tearsheet grip pins.

STEP SIX: Take down the sections under the halo and using a Tearsheet finishing brush, comb out the section to create vintage waves. To finish the look, spritz Redken Fashion Work 12 throughout for a pliable hold.



For even more style tutorials and inspiration be sure to stalk Evie Rivera-Peterson on Bangstyle and Redken to see their latest looks!



Model/ Delaney

Hair/ Evie Rivera-Peterson 

Photo/ Chris Grosser 

Make-up/ Mary Davana 

Wardrobe/ Colleen McCann 

On set with Tearsheets