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There will always be a great debate over box color versus professional color and how damaging box dye can be to your hair. We are not going to argue that, because it is true, box dye can be extremely damaging. It is made up of a different chemical composition that actually changes the structure of your hair. While we do not recommend box dye, there is another aspect of the decision to go box or not that has yet to be discussed. Bond builders!


With box dye, there is no stylist, no tailored color formulation, and no expert advising and applying your color, which ultimately means… NO BOND BUILDERS (as this is a professional only service). Bond builders are a must-have for any color service, they aid in the health of your hair by protecting it as you color; combatting breakage and rebuilding weak bonds. Need we say more?


If you have had your hair colored with colorpHlex before; you’re probably already addicted to the results. You know that the addition of colorpHlex to your color service allows you to get the color you desire, while ensuring softer, silkier hair and aid in color retention. colorpHlex is added to the color formulation and acts as a defense mechanism inside each hair strand. Each time we dye or bleach our hair the cuticle is lifted thus exposing our weak cores and bonds. These bonds need extra immunity boosts to keep bonds healthy, and your hair from breaking off. For those who have yet to try this miracle worker, once you do, the only boxes you’ll be deciding between at the grocery store will be Wheaties or Honey Bunches of Oats… I vote for the latter.


Bond builders are an essential part of all color applications simply because they protect and rebuild your hair from the inside out, which is why there is no reason to exclude this step in your services. You wouldn’t jump out of an airplane without a parachute right? colorpHlex is your parachute and your safety net, it allows you to color your hair the shade you want, without  having to worry about loosing length or luster.


If head massages, a killer blowout, perfect color and some R&R weren’t reason enough to head to the salon instead of going at it alone in your bathroom, there is now one more reason, colorpHlex – because bond builders are absolutely essential for any coloring service. 


Not coloring your hair today, but still want a pick me up? 

Why not head to the salon for a colorpHlex reconstructive treatment? This nourishing service will reconstruct your hair, leaving it soft and silky for smooth styling ahead. 


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