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The Victory Roll is a classic favorite for a vintage feel with polished style. In this tutorial, Ramona Krieger of Love2Braid shows us how to get a simple Victory Roll in no time flat! Follow the steps below and stay tuned for even more braid tutorials!



Step 1 : Take a piece of hair and set aside to make the Victory Roll. Make sure you use a flexible gel or mousse to keep all the hair in place. Now use a ‘ROLL UP’ motion to encapsulate all of the hair.


Step 2 : Secure the Victory Roll on top of your head with bobby pins secured on the inside loop so they can't be seen.


Step 3 : Pull all the other hair you have left to one side and make a ‘Fishtail’ Braid. Secure it with an elastic and the look is finished!

For more inspiration, tutorials, and education be sure to stalk Ramona on Bangstyle and check out her other braids!