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Can I Go Blonde? The Answer: SURE why not, if you get it right!

With summer in full swing, it's natural to want to go blonde. But for those of us that weren't born with it, we shed light on the top factors to consider before becoming a blonde bombshell and saying bye-bye to brunette.


To achieve the most natural and flattering blonde for you, consider your skin tone and eye colour. For the prettiest results, the goal is to achieve contrast between your hair and your complexion to allow your features to pop. Too much matchy-matchy is not a good thing in this scenario. Skin with cooler pink undertones tend to look best in ashy, neutral tones where as warmer olive skin tones strike a nice balance with blonde hues offering up a bit of warmth. If your skin is neither warm nor cool, well lucky you! Just about any tone of blonde will work on you.


Black to blonde your goal? Well it can be done (Kim K. proved earlier this year) but never desirable as it takes commitment to achieve the end result due to the work required. For the most natural end result, with hair that still looks and feels like hair, stay within three levels of depth of your starting color. By heeding this advice, not only will you achieve the best blonde for you but you will also save your strands from the serious stress of going from zero to one hundred.


New mom? Avid swimmer? Not-so-frequent salon goer? Only budgeted for four salon visits each year? You can still go blonde but you might be best off sticking to a lower maintenance look such as a few face-framing highlights or a subtle sombre/ombre.

Ready for a big change? Diligent about booking your salon visits? Accustomed to higher maintenance hairstyles? Then it sounds like you have what it takes to go for the gold (or ash, natural blonde or even beige blonde depending on your skin tone)!


Not that we are sticklers about not wearing white after Labor Day and so on, but sunnier hues fit in best in sunnier months. Hence, the most popular time of year to hit the bottle is in the spring/summer months. That being said, you can still enjoy blonde all year long if you adjust the intensity accordingly. Think bright platinum or gold in the warmer parts of the year and caramel or honey come fall and winter for the most seasonally correct hue.


The color process doesn't only stop at the salon! Your new shade requires special care at home to prevent fading and/or brassiness, a common problem for blondes. Start with the right shampoo. You will want to invest in a sulphate-free, colour safe formula (any KEVIN.MURPHY rinse will do!) to gently cleanse without stripping colour.

Consider incorporating a colour toning or refining shampoo and conditioner into your regime geared specifically toward blondes like BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and RINSE. These lavender-infused formulas fend off colour fadeage while restoring vibrancy, shine and keeps out that unwanted brassiness on all depth of blonde.

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