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Christina Aguilera has always rocked the most provocative styles. She's worn everything from the bob to long layers and blunt bangs. Experimenting with hues - from her staple bodacious blond to bright pops of color - she looks great in any shade. Speaking of styling, she has also donned everything from all-over plaits, retro looks, and classic hollywood glam. Now, on The Voice, her style shines through! If you were watching last night you would have seen the latest... A trend Bangstyle is deeming "The Top Bun"! Styled by Giannandrea to give her a sweet up-style and bold look. Giannandrea shows us the steps to get this soon-to-be trending look... 




1     Start off with wet hair, prep strands with Macadamia Professional Blow Dry Lotion.


2     Dry hair in large sections using a large round brush. Dry sections with an upward motion, since the hair will be pulled into a high ponytail.


3     As you are drying, make sure the hair is very straight at the roots and keeps its roundness at the ends. 


4     Once the hair is dry, flat iron the sides and back in small sections to make sure it is very flat and edgy.


5     Apply a generous amount of Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment with your hands throughout the hair. This will add shine and create a silky effect. Make a triangle parting in the bang section and pin it aside - this will be the last section to style.


6     Brush the side and back sections upward, pulling them very tight to the scalp at the top of the crown. Securely tie the section by wrapping an elastic band around the gathering.  When you are wrapping the last round, make sure you lock in a round shape — keeping the round bun in the elastic band and allowing the ends to fall out in the back. As an added touch, razor cut the ends giving it a strong edgy finish.


7     Take triangle section that was set aside and back comb it to build volume. 


8     Now, brushing it back toward the round pony, sleek it back (keeping some volume) and start wrapping it around the base of the bun to cover the elastic band in a Japanese knot inspired fashion. The proportions should be super tight at the sides and back, with a smoother top, which adds a bit of height.


9     To finish, use Macadamia Flex Hold Shaping Hairspray to clean up any flyaways at the base, edge, and bottom sections of the pony — creating an strong smooth finish. Leave a few wispy strands out at the top in an effortless way to add a soft element to the look.


To see more catwalk and celeb styles, be sure to stalk Giannandrea on Bangstyle and grab all your needed goodies from Macadamia Professional, now available in the Bangstyle Store