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Radia is a must for practical luxury.


A luxury shampoo is not truly luxurious unless it services your specific beauty needs.  In the case of Radia Shampoo and Conditioner by DS Laboratories, clarifying the hair has never been more complete or gentle.  Designed to not only remove unwanted buildup from the hair, but to actually repel it in the first place. Radia leaves the hair softer than before use and will not harm color.  In fact, Radia is truly the ultimate detoxifying daily wash you can use for your hair.


Why is this practical luxury?  Specifically, because there is not a better shampoo to prepare hair for chemical services or to create the best starting point for styling.  Practical because for anyone living life washing with hard water, Radia is the answer to truly amazing hair.   Historically, any product designed to battle this will leave the hair dry and brittle.  Radia actually softens and protects while removing concerns for discoloration and damage due to buildup and residue.  Using only the best ingredients, DS Laboratories once again does not make you choose between having the ultimate cosmetic experience and correcting and protecting your hair.


We will be excited to show you how Radia prepares hair for DS Laboratories highly regarded in-salon treatment “Continuum” in upcoming articles.


Stylist reaction:

“New favorite products from #DSLABS! Radia Clarifying and Softening hair products make my hair smell as good as it looks ;) Use it after the pool for healthy, hydrated hair.” Madeline Rose – Stylist from LA



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