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Beach days, bonfires and festivals are here and you want quick and easy hair that looks amazing and shows off your beautiful color! While it’s getting hot outside, make sure your hair doesn’t end up looking like a hot mess.

This style came about when a client of mine asked me how she could show off her color (which we created using Continuum) and still stay cool for the summer. The answer was easy, braids! Braids are totally in style this summer and there are many ways to try out this trend with almost any hair length. Plus they look amazing when styled on multicolored hair. The key to her amazing color was adding Continuum to her coloring process. This allowed us to lift the hair to the level we needed without damaging her strands. This also aided in the retention of her beautiful color. The braid comes out even more beautiful because of the health of her hair, created by using the bond builder, Continuum.



Steps To Get The Look:

Our model had shoulder length hair, which we used to create a faux Hawk Dutch Braid. This style will keep you cool and keep the hair from falling in your face during summer activities.

Step 1.  To prepare this look start with clean hair prepped with your favorite thermal protector and a 1-inch or larger barrel curling iron alternating directions for a natural look.

Step 2.  Section the top portion of the hair into a horseshoe, keeping the sides just above the round of the head and the back portion ending just below the crown of the head. Clip the remaining hair away if you are braiding your own hair so you don’t grab it into this section while braiding.

Step 3.  If you tend to have fly aways, you can apply a bit of light gel or pomade to your front hairline.

Starting at the front of your horseshoe take a section about an inch in depth and separate it into 3. Take the right outer section and cross it under the middle one. Then take the left section and repeat the same movement.

Step 4.  Now add a bit of hair to the outside pieces trying to keep an even amount while working throughout the section. Repeat the crossing under then adding hair until you run out of hair. You want to have a bit of tension while creating your braid, but don’t pull it too tight to your head so that you have some room to create volume in the next step.

Step 5.  After you have run out of hair, braid the end of the tail the same way as the top stopping about 2 inches before the bottom. Secure the hair with an elastic at least a half inch from where you stopped braiding. You need this space to pump your Hawk up. Very gently grab a few hairs in the end of the braid and using your other hand push the elastic towards your head a small amount. This will loosen the braid a bit and start creating lift.

Step 6.  Starting at the bottom of the braid gently tug on the loops working your way up towards the front of the head. Be careful not to tug too hard if your hair has shorter layers. If a layer does pop out just tuck it back in with a hair pin. Keep tugging until you are happy with the fullness of the loops.

Step 7.  Now you are going to tuck the end under. This is the last step to maximize your volume on top. Apply some gel or pomade to the loose hairs at the end of the braid. This will help keep them in place and under control while your tucking. Fold the loose hair onto the underside of the free braid while rolling towards the base of your French braid. Gently push the whole braid forward while performing the rolling action to lift the whole braid at the root. Pin the roll in place with a couple bobby pins when you are happy with the volume on top.


Dutch Braid Tutorial Dutch Braid Faux Hawk Tutorial Dutch Braid Faux Hawk Tutorial


Voila! You are now ready for whatever summer has planned for you! With a bit of practice this look can be achieved in only a few short minutes and can be adapted in many ways. Going out from beach to dinner or drinks? Simply pull back the remaining loose hair on your head into a braid and roll it up and secure beneath the first tuck and you have an elegant up-do. Have fun and enjoy your summer!

For even more info on how Continuum will help you create beautiful color and stronger hair, be sure to stalk DS Labs on Bangstyle and follow them on Instagram @HairByContinuum and check out #HairByContinuum for all the latest!