In my search for this week’s featured stylist, I learned of internationally known veteran stylist, Natalia Petcu. Petcu has been doing hair in Canada and across Europe for more than ten years. By day, you’ll find Petcu at Moods Salon in Vancouver, B.C., where she currently works as one of the salon’s senior stylists. By night, well, that’s a bit more tricky. Petcu could be any number of places.You may find her working on set at a T.V. show taping or out styling the latest editorial spread she’s landed. Of course, she could also be creating looks backstage at a number of fashion show events between Canada and Europe. Her work has been published in a number of editorial spreads and stands as some of the most innovative, inspired, creative mastery I have ever laid eyes on. 
Check out the interview I did with Petcu below:

BANGSTYLE: Why did you want to become a stylist?

Natalia Petcu: I became a hairstylist because I love making people feel good about the way they look and because it is such a creative environment; each person you work on is a raw canvas. You can reinvent a person’s look over and over again.

BANGSTYLE: How do you promote yourself? Social media?

Natalia Petcu: I do use social media to promote myself , and I also get involved in a lot of photo-shoots and projects that gave me the opportunity to meet amazingly talented artists. I am still learning how the whole social media works:-)

BANGSTYLE: How would you describe your style?

Natalia Petcu: I would describe my style as edgy, I love bold colors and cuts, and I love unusual and unique styles, exaggerated shapes, things that make you wonder ” how was this done?”

BANGSTYLE: Friendships with clients, do or don’t?

Natalia Petcu: This is a tough one; I guess that depends on the situation. A lot of our clients become dear friends jut by the simple fact we’ ve been part of their life for years, and we know a lot of things about their lives; but I think there is a fine line, and mutual respect needs to be preserved for the relationship to be healthy.

BANGSTYLE: What styles are you sick of?

Natalia Petcu: The angled bobs; I think a few years need to go by for me to enjoy doing it again.

BANGSTYLE: Stylists often double as therapists. Has a client ever made you feel uncomfortable?

Natalia Petcu: There were a few times when certain confidences made me feel a bit uneasy especially when I didn’t see that coming, but I think the secret is to receive them calmly and act as if it is a normal thing. This way nobody is feeling awkward.

BANGSTYLE: At home tips for us regular folk?

Natalia Petcu: Don’t wash your hair every day; your hair needs the natural oils in order to keep its elasticity and health. Use a dry shampoo if you feel your hair gets greasy on the second day. Use really good quality shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for your hair type, and stay away from cheap products that are filled with heavy chemicals and waxes that ruin your hair. Youtube is an amazing resource for styling tips videos.

BANGSTYLE: What’s next in hair?

Natalia Petcu: Short soft crops, deconstructed voluminous bobs with shattered ends, layered looks with lots of texture from soft waves to messy undone curls are the new trends this season. The ombre is still quite a strong trend but with bolder colors, blonds varying from icy blonds to nice cinnamon, honey, copper tones, short fringes, and soft thick bangs.

See more of Natalia’s looks on her BANGSTYLE profile and website.