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With summer behind us and autumn in full effect, we turned to our panel of experts to share their tips and tricks for stylish ways to transition your look between seasons. Meet our experts:




What are some of your favourite ways to transition your hair cut/colour/style between seasons?

Iggy: I am big fan of the shag haircut, which is why I am always using this haircut as a transition. I call it “summer leftovers” because it is easy and breezy to style. HAIR.RESORT is my go-to product to style this look to achieve super effortless texture. And of course, colour is a great way to keep the memory of your summer vacation alive. Thanks to the new FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER, you can have a natural, sun-kissed look year round.


Nathan: You need to have a brief with your stylist, create a plan together and stick to it. Slow is best when it comes to change as great hair is all about great condition. Also understand that as seasons change, so do drying and finishing techniques. For example, in the summer you may be more likely to let your hair dry naturally.


What are some good hair cut/colour/styles when your hair is at that awkward in-between stage?

Pascal: It’s all about proportion. If you plan to grow out your fringe, then it might be great to compensate for that by cutting a graduation in the back. If you are tired of your shaggy layers, then taking a big chunk off of the length can give you a fresher, stronger bob. Or, if you’ve had a solid shape for a while, you can break it up by adding texture to your hair.


Nathan: Colour is easy! A good colourist will know how to tone colour or create a root stretch to give the hair a fresh look. When cutting, if you are growing out an undercut, “a little at a time” is the mantra. Each time your hair is cut, you can grow out some of the undercut and introduce some length to it. Bangs can also very easily be turned into sexy face frames with the right cut. I always say that there is no such thing as an awkward length, just inappropriate styling to suit the length, so arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to manage any length.


What is an easy, non-dramatic way to update your hair cut/colour/style?

Iggy: I always go for our Salted Amethyst technique. With just a hint of colour, magic can happen!


Daniel: Always have a good treatment when you visit the salon. It will not only improve the condition of your hair, it will also complement your current hair cut. Hair condition is always priority to me because there is no point in having the latest cut and colour when your hair is dehydrated and highly damaged. Another easy way to update your look is to have a good trim to rid yourself of split and damaged ends - it makes such a big impact on the hair style.


What do you see as the biggest cut/colour/style trends this season?

Pascal: Sixties influence - for example, bowl cuts. We’ve seen a reintroduction of mullet shapes and fringes, which are going to be very hot. I also predict seeing a lot of texture and movement with an emphasis on the shape of the texture and a very raw, undone finish.


Kate: Baby blue hair colour is the new pastel trend to be reckoned with, but not just any old blue will do. Choose a soft, muted shade that is even throughout. I also love rope braids for a fun sports-luxe look.


What are your must-have products for achieving these looks?

Daniel: I love ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY. Put simply, it is a lightweight volumising spray with heat protection. It’s really great for adding extra lift in the roots and I love the effortless texture it gives to the hair. I suggest to spraying ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY before you blow dry the hair to prepare the texture you are going to create. I also love DOO.OVER, which is a fashionable combo of dry shampoo and hair spray that creates movement, hold and body for the hair. I suggest spraying DOO.OVER on dry, styled hair to create extra movement and body.


Kate: For colour, I always use COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY! I also like to use STAYING.ALIVE for nourishment and SESSION.SPRAY to finish the look – both of which are key to completing a great overall style.


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