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Fashion Forward Dubain is one of the top fashion events in the region. Attended by celebrities and fashion forward individuals from all over, this event has made a spark in the market for this industry. To learn more about Fashion Forward Dubai we spoke with Joanna Eid, Marketing Manager at EIDEAL about their involvement and what the event means to them.



What does Fashion Forward Dubai mean to you?

Fashion Forward is the best-known and most highly-anticipated fashion event in the region. It is always attended by the region’s top fashion influencers who are always on top of their game. At EIDEAL, we have worked hard to create an image that goes far beyond the one of a hair tools’ provider and we like to think of EIDEAL as more of a lifestyle brand. Thankfully, this is a goal that is now achieved with more people relating to the brand due to our affiliation with events similar to Fashion Forward that build on this reputation that we have been striving to create.



How did you first get involved with FF Dubai?

The collaboration kick-started three seasons ago when we were contacted by Fashion Forward to be the exclusive premium hair tools’ sponsors and it has been ongoing ever since.


As the official tool sponsor what role do you play behind the scenes?

The EIDEAL tools are the only ones to be used backstage by all hairstylists, in all halls and for all shows. They facilitate the hairstylist’s job to bring the fashion designer’s vision to life. Our team is always there to support the stylists and to provide them with whatever they might need to enable them to achieve the best results approved by the designers themselves.



What is your favorite part about FF Dubai?

My favorite part is definitely attending all the shows and being able to witness the success of both already well-established and upcoming designers. I also love the fact that I get to be exposed to all the new trends before anyone else which is a total privilege due to my love of fashion. To add to that, I love to get to know the influencers and share EIDEAL’s vision with them to further create awareness about the brand and leave space for a potential collaboration and partnership.


How has the fashion scene changed in Dubai over the past few seasons?

The fashion scene in Dubai has indeed changed and I have definitely sensed that due to our continued collaboration with Fashion Forward. Before, it was more of a fashion hub and an event that mattered only to the people involved in the Fashion Industry in some sort of way. However, now with the evolution of Social Media and the impact it has on our daily lives and the rise of so many influencers, people are becoming more involved. They want to see the latest trends and be inspired by them. They want to be able to converse in a fashionable way and also most importantly relate to their favorite influencer.



How has FF Dubai influenced the culture in general?

Fashion Forward can definitely now be considered part of Dubai’s Culture. Everyone is aware of the dates that the event is going to take place in whether they are attending or not. Doing it at the new venue; Dubai Design District, has played a major part into turning it as such a cultural phenomenon.


What is your favorite moment of FF Dubai?

Amato’s closing show which has also now became a Fashion Forward tradition. He never ceases to impress and surprise everyone with his innovative and feminine designs. It is also very exclusive and the invites are carefully selected and that is why I really feel privileged to attend it.



What were the top trends this year?

The combination of Tribal and Urban was what was trending. All designers had this tribal touch that would take us back in time with a hint of urbanism that makes all the difference. I personally really liked this combination and immediately incorporated it into my wardrobe.


What trends (hair, makeup, or fashion) do you hope to see in upcoming seasons?

The main vision behind EIDEAL is to embrace Natural Beauty and looks. This philosophy is slowly starting to make its way in the region and I have witnessed that at Fashion Forward. I and the entire team would love to have this more abundantly whether when it comes to hair or makeup. Beauty should be effortless and not overly done.


Has nail art made its way onto the runway yet? Not yet but I believe that it will soon. This season, there were some out-of-the-box makeup and hair looks and nail art will definitely slowly make its way onto the runway.


What’s next?

We are definitely looking into taking our participation to the next level and we will be keeping it as a surprise until next season!


For even more info about Fashion Forward Dubai and EIDEAL, be sure to check out their sites and stay tuned for even more fashion forward inspiration!