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There’s really nothing quite like the hustle of the backstage area of a runway show. Something about the pressure, the pace, and the artistic vibrations. Hairdressers from all over pay to experience this collaboration because of the magical madness. If you're looking to get into the scene or you’re already there, here are a few tips that have helped me along the way.



Check into your local fashion scene and volunteer for a local show. This is a great warm up to aspirations of working NYFW and easier on the budget. Your investment to join a hair team at a show for NYFW could cost about $1000. Plus travel expenses!


Don’t unpack your whole bag.  When you get there, space will be limited. Listen carefully to exactly which tools your Key Hairdresser needs you to use and only take out those things. If you are only dressing one head, you probably don't need 5,000 hairpins.


Work clean. Remember to pack a heatproof mat so you don’t leave your mark on anything!



Ask before you take or post any photos. Every show is different but the last thing you want to do is to piss off a producer or a designer by posting pictures prematurely of their looks on social media.  Using the proper hashtags helps as well.


Work together. A humble attitude goes a long way backstage. Even if you are the greatest hair diva in the universe, you might just learn something by lending a helping hand to the person next to you, or asking for a second set of eyes.


Stay in your hairdressing space unless directed. I know I sound like a mean mama but there is a production taking place that has many moving parts. The production team doesn’t typically love to yell at people but they will if you are in the way.



Don’t take things personally. The designer, the production team, models, makeup and hair are all under pressure to give a great show. This can lead to an elevation of nervous energy backstage. Energy is infectious so if you brought a spare smile or extra good vibes then open that up and share it with others.


Compliment others. The best way to break the ice is to offer a genuine compliment. Pick them wisely, offer them discreetly, you’ll benefit from spreading the love. You never know whom you might meet.





Are you looking to become a session stylist? Sarah Adams is always looking for stylists for her team at FashioNXT and would love to know more about you! She participates in shows all over the world and even teaches classes on how to style Runway and Run Your Business. To learn more about these opportunities be sure to reach out to her in Instagram @SarahAdamsHair and be sure to stalk her on Bangstyle to see all her latest uploads!