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Photographer Gary Barragan teamed up with an amazing team of artists to bring his Greek Mythological vision to life in The Eros Collection. In part two of this mythological collection we meet Artemis; goddess of chastity and virginity, daughter of the all powerful Zeus, and twin sister of Apollo. She was a hunter and protector by nature and never gave into love - As a woman of the wilderness she remained wild and free, strong willed and courageous. Take a peek at this amazing collection and hear how the artists worked together to bring this collection to life!




Matthew, Hair Stylist – “Gary had approached me about being involved in this collection inspired by mythology and Rock and roll and I could not pass up the opportunity. In addition it was a collaboration between many amazingly talented artists. Gary had initially created a Pinterest board of imagery to capture the feel of a 'Goddess'. I envisioned Red Sonja and Shera from childhood and wanted to create volume but also some texture to bring out the 'Rocker' feel.

I knew the image was going to be shot from three aspects so I knew I could play with asymmetry. I created curved cornrows on our models left side and embraced her hairline to anchor the chains that are adorning her right cheek.  On her right side extending to her nape I created a twisting braid for a different effect. The entire top section was marcel ironed on a 2 inch ceramic curling iron and allowed to cool. I added colored hair pieces for contrast and effect. Then the hair was teased out, brushed and secured with hairpins for a mohawk feel." 

My “Must Have” products used:

  • Guts 10 for creating volume in the hair
  • Iron Shape 11 to heat style sections
  • Braid Aid 03 for cornrows, braids & twists
  • Triple Take 32 for locking in the finished style


Bethany, Make up – “When approaching the makeup styling for my contribution in the EROS COLLECTION, the majority of inspiration came from the model. The one concept I knew would be involved in some way, regardless of the color palette, was having small chains literally laying on her face. As Jessie sat in hair and makeup her look unfolded to me. The color of her eyes selected shades of purple and her fantastical bone structure demanded an emphasis on her cheek contour. Too match the intensity of hair but not over exaggerate the style I applied a bold brow with smokey eye and winged liner to shape the eyes”.


Jessie, Model – "The experience as a model for the Eros shoot was outstanding and made me feel 'powerful' with elegance. I felt like the team all saw eye to eye on the vision we were aiming for. The hair by Matthew was just beautiful with a great twist. Braids and textures throughout the style - one side seemed more powerful and strong as the other was a bit more elegant and relaxed. The make up by Bethany was simple but empowering - a powerful smokey eye and chains on one side of my face/hair, which would make anybody feel like a warrior. Kristina was the designer and the dress - gray metallic material, chains and chunky necklaces - tied everything together for a finished look. Last, but not least, Gary helped guide me into each pose, aiming to make our vision come true through his images. This shoot will never be forgotten; the team was strong and so was the look, I feel we had done our absolute best. Everyone came together to go over and beyond to shoot this beautiful Eros image."



In case you missed it, be sure to take a peek at the first part of The Eros Collection, Andromeda, and stay tuned for part three!


Hair Stylist – Matthew Tyldesley

Makeup Artist – Bethany Hood 

Model – Jessie Neidert 

Styling and Wardrobe – Kristina Sellers