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In this artist feature, Charles Robinson of Charles and Co. tells us about how he got into the hair industry, who his mentors were along the way and what inspires him most. Take a peek at his amazing collection featuring models you may already know! We absolutely love this collection and the world of knowledge Charles has to offer! 



I got into the hair industry about twenty four years ago. I was always into how my hair looked as young person. This grew into a thing about how good a person's hair looked could determine how they felt about themself. I had a friend growing up that had a brother who was a hairdresser. He dressed nice and had great hair. I had a fleeing thought of doing hair but did not pursue the thought. I got a little older and had an older friend who thought I was destined to cut hair, (Jim Claiborne was the guy's name). He came home from getting his hair cut and I was trimming his huge shrubs. Jim told me that I should be cutting hair! I toyed with the idea of hair for about two more years. Jim finally told me he would pay my car payments while I went to hair school.  I took Jim up on his offer and went to hair school. I graduated and paid him back in less than nine months for my career took off fast! Twenty four years later I am still cutting hair and bushes! I am so grateful for the talent that was so freely given to me!


Tell us about some of the defining moments in your career.

There are a couple of defining moments along the way.  In 2000 and 2001 I attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles. Prior to that in 1997 I had my fire lit for education from a Redken Artist named Tracy Guthrie. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be an educator.  The biggest acheivement to date was being inducted into the Redken Artist network in 2008. I have had the fortune since that year of traveling the Midwest and East coast of the U.S. for Redken.



What is your favorite technique?

One of my favorite techniques is utilizing triangular sections when cutting hair. This technique is huge in the end result of cutting hair. This tecniques give hair excellent movement and softness. One of my favorite tools of late is my Wahl Sterling Mag edgers. My favorite product that I use on almost every guest is Redken's "One United" detangling spray.  I get inspiration from the streets of different towns and cities that I visit for Redken.

Tell us more about the collection!

This collection was inspired by retro days of volume and leather coats.  Genna Yussman collaborated as wardrobe designer and supplied the coats. Isidro Valencia did light makeup for all the models (including himself). I wanted to pull of some nice clipper work, volume of the disco years and man braiding transitioning from the Man Bun. Great Redken color (Blonde Icing lightener, Shades EQ color glosses 09T, 09B and crystal clear were utilized.  We worked as a team giving and taking suggestions in order to get the final look. 



What message are you trying to get across with this collection?

I believe this collection says that a man can have longer hair and dress it up with highlights and braiding, the collection says that the modern day mullet is very wearable especially with clean tapered sides to accentuate the little longer back and to dramatize the pomp on top. The collection also says that a disconnected and longer top with designs in clippered sides are very wearable!  If I had a super power it would be to be super strong and never tire from doing what I love!

Did you have mentors along the way?

Sam Villa and Chris Baran would probaly be my mentors who have inspired me to push further.  They lead by example and teach others how to teach and educate which comes from the Latin word "educat".  Educat means to draw from. We can draw from all out audiences for as they teach us the answer is in the room.  These guys are masterful from years of facilitating all kinds of different venues. 



What trends do we have to look forward to?

Look out the "Modern Mullet" is coming, (Isidro Valencia's haircut).  We will continue to see shaved sides and disconnected tops.  There will be a wide range of striking color pallets being worn by people young and mature (nice word for old)!  Silvery blondes, pastel blonds and buttery blondes are all over the place. Exciting times are coming!



Be sure to stalk Charles on Bangstyle and stay tuned for even more tutorialstips and inspiration!