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When looking at one of her amazing collections, it is easy to see Jasmine Heckenberg's dedication to her craft. Her styles are strong and empowering and these facets are mimicked through the photographs as well. As a fourth year, she is just beginning to see the light at the end of the apprenticeship tunnel. We have no doubt in our minds that when she runs free, she will stun us all. 

Learn more about Jasmine and see her stunning work that won her the AHFA Apprentice of the Year award. 

About me.

I'm 27 years old, I'm a mother to Leila who is 6. We live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, the little island at the bottom. I'm in my 4th Year of my Apprenticeship and should be completed by March next year. I'm of Aboriginal and German background. I grew up in the country and learnt to braid on horses tails. Hair wasn't my original choice, I loved making and designing clothes. I guess now I've found a way to incorporate them all. I guess I live and breath hair now, I bring Leila along to shoots on weekends and she loves it too. 




Winning the Australian hair fashion awards Apprentice of the Year is one of my biggest achievements, I really had to pinch myself after the gala night. To be honest I thought it was such a long shot. It was a last minute entry, organising models and wardrobe and a concept! Then after the shoot, Kish, my photographer, had edited the images in such a short timeframe, so winning meant a lot to both of us.




Throughout my work, women have been my inspiration. Women like my mother and grandmother - strong independent, elegant, resilient, gentle, and organic. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of the women in my life.

I wanted to capture this in my work , a juxtapose of texture and content. I always start with a few sketches and work from there. I studied in fine arts and I think it helps me create a fuller picture of what I want to achieve.


I cant live without... a tailcomb. 



If I had a superpower... it would be consistency.




I'm lucky to of had three Mentors along the way, one being my employer Wayne Chappell. He is there for the Cutting and Styling side of things. I have Matt Minol For Editorial Mentoring and Bree Car, she has been my colour Trainer at work, teaching me throughout my apprenticeship, for in salon colouring techniques.



Always remember... It's really is never to late to discover something you love. And to apply it to all aspects of your life.

Thanks for your time, peace.



Be sure to stalk Jasmine on Bangstyle and look out for her braid tutorial, coming soon! 



Hair: Jasmine Heckenberg
Photography: Kishka Jensen
Makeup: Abbie Mcginniss