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Colortrak Team member Rachel La'Roux, is a stylist who specializes in balayage and vivid color. She transitioned from a salon environment to renting out her own space. See her amazing styles and hear what she has to say about being her own boss!


What it the hottest color trend in your salon right now?

Balayage and Bolds. Prelightening with Balayage, then applying your bolds to the prelightened hair vs. applying bleach on scalp.


What is your favorite technique?

A:Balayage with vibe lights (Taking and micro slice while vibrating the tail of the comb as you take your section.) Vibe-lites are a great option if you are lightening the hair overall. Vibe-lighting creates a much softer and blended result than simply slicing your section.


Using a colortrak feather bristle color brush and colortrak professional pop-up foil. Work your way up to the clients natural parting, taking diagonal baby fine vibe-lite sections. (My client and I came up with the term "VibeLights" because my client said it felt like my comb was vibrating.)

*Note: Place foils closely together to give an overall lighter affect. Place foils further apart if a less dramatic lightness is your desired result


What trends do you predict for next season?

A: More muted neons, pastels and lived in vivids. Vivid colors over Balayage or with a shadow root vs. on scalp  We are going to see more seamless transition in color melting vs. super bright rainbow hair. Soft lived in color is the becoming a huge trend. I just attended the butterfly circus ( These artists are the ones who set the trends) and got a sneak peek at the upcoming color line PulpRiotHair color, they have gorgeous pastels and can be mixed to create that perfect "lived in" look... Just wait! this new color line is so amazing and is going to take our industry by storm.  


When did you know you wanted to open a salon? What pieces of advice would you give stylists who are thinking of opening their own shop? 

I managed a corporate salon for 7 years. In our entire corporate office there were zero hairdressers. They ran consistent promotions that would negatively affect the stylist's income, my team worked so hard for the company and they got screwed out of all of their money. The company would make me book my team full with free haircuts and colors promotions. They things I was required to do felt wrong.            

When the company decided salon leaders were no longer allowed to do hair...I threw in the towel. I took my clients to a high-end commission salon and ended up clashing with the "high-end attitude" and I was questioned daily about why I took so long to do fantasy hair colors. They called it a waste of time and they were strongly suggesting that I basically cut corners on my color services and start over charging. I love my clients like family and I take pride in my services, so I decided to follow my heart and go work for myself. I am now an independent contractor, it's not a guaranteed paycheck but I get to set my own hours and most importantly I am happy. I be lying if I said I don't struggle financially from time to time, but I've only been renting for a year. Things are already picking up. I have been proactive in getting referrals rebooking my clients and furthering my education. I suggest all stylists do what's right for theirselves and their client. If your boss/company is pushing you to do something that feels wrong or that takes the joy out of what you are doing...move on until it's a perfect fit for you and your clients.


What is your guilty pleasure?

I listen to 90's and 2000's gangster rap when I'm driving and cleaning. Also I watch chick flicks and Disney movies when my husband is out of town. I heart the little mermaid


Who is your hair idol? What would you ask them if you met him/her?

David Wagner "The Day Maker" - I would ask if he stayed in contact with the women in his story.'


What are the 5 products you can’t live without?  

•Matrix ColorSync 10N as a toner

•Colortrak pop up foils and/or Balayage cling free film.

•B3 from Brazilian Bondbuilder 

•Hottools 1" spring hinge curling iron

•Matrix lacquers

For more styling tips and hair inspiration be sure to stalk Rachel La'Roux on Bangstyle!