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When you think of a straightener, what is the first thing that you think of? Straight hair— duh. But what if your flat iron could create more looks that just a straight style? What if we told you that there was a flat iron that could create BOTH straight hair and curls? Well guess what we are about to tell you…


The latest tool on the market has arrived, and it is here to conquer your biggest styling needs. Fuel’s newest Pro Flat Iron is specially designed to give you a variety of styles without any of the hassle. Its adaptable design is great for creating smooth and sleek looks as well as curly or wavy styles. 


Normally, you wouldn’t expect a flat iron to be able to create curls— but Fuel is anything but ordinary. The flat iron’s one-inch floating ceramic plates provide an effortless glide across the hair without leaving unwanted indentations. No more awkward creases from your flat iron! These plates move with your hair as you style, which allow you to create those curls that you’ve been craving. Here’s how they do it:


1. Turn on the Pro Flat Iron and pick your desired heat setting for your hair type. The flat iron has preset Damage Control options with temperatures that range from 140 ̊F to 450 ̊F. These settings cover a range of different textures from fine to coarse hair. It also has a manual mode, which allows for more control.

2. When creating curls, it’s best to start with the hair underneath and work your way up to the top. Take one inch sections of hair, and keep the hair that you’re not working with pinned up and out of the way. 

3. Place this section of hair in between the iron’s floating ceramic plates. As you close the iron on the hair, rotate the iron 180 degrees away from your face. As you do this motion, glide the iron at a steady pace down the length of the section. It is important to turn the iron away from your face in order to create curls that give you a more voluminous look. This technique will make the finished style more lively and will better frame your face. 

4. You can vary the degrees that you rotate the iron in order to create different types of curls. Rotating 180 degrees will give you a tight, traditional curl. Rotating less than 180 degrees will allow for more loose, natural waves. Who knew a flat iron could do so much? After creating the desired type of curl, make sure to lock the style in place with a light finishing hairspray. 

5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have curled all of your hair. Allow the curls to cool for about 5-10 minutes. Then, you can either run your hands through the curls to create a looser style or leave as is. Finish off with a final touch of hairspray and there you go! 


Upgrade your flat iron to pro-status with Fuel’s latest invention. With this one tool you can create effortless styles that are crease-free and fabulous. From straight hair to waves and curls, this new tool will become your new best friend. See ya later straightener!

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