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Whether on the street, in editorial, or on the runway - buns are bigger and better than ever! In this tutorial, Sherri Jessee shows us how to make a big messy bun look sophisticated and polished. Follow her steps to get the perfect messy bun look... 

Before: hair has been curled on a 1 ¼” curling iron. 



STEP 1:     Use your hands to sweep hair up to the crown of the head and secure into a high pony-tail. Allow front and back side pieces to drop out.


STEP 2:     Create a “bungee” by putting 2 bobby pins on a small rubber band.


STEP 3:     Swing pony-tail forward and secure to the head with bungee.


STEP 4:     Use several large bobby pins to pin a “bun pad” to the crown of the head. 


STEP 5:     Grasp the edges of the pony-tail and swing over to cover the bun pad.


STEP 6:     Use another bungee to secure the edges of the pony-tail. 


STEP 7:     Drape the front side pieces around to the back. Pin to secure.



STEP 8:    Spray with Pravana NEVO Super Shape Hair Spray for long-lasting hold.


The Finished Look

Be sure to stalk Sherri on Bangstyle to see all of her latest hair tutorials and style tips! 


HMUA: Sherri Jessee

Photo: Mickey Baker

Model: Autumn Arsenault