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Mary Alamine, WINNER of the 2016 AHFAs NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year award, created this absolutely stunning collection: IMMORTELLE. Mary has more than proven her talent over the past few years and in this collection she brings light and levity to a subject that most originally believed to be “dark”. Hear about her inspirations behind this collection and how see created this juxtaposition between darkness and light. 


Mary Alamine has always been fascinated by mythological stories of vampires and immortal beings. She loves the way, over time, these stories have transformed from horrific accounts into tales of romance and beauty. 


Vampire narratives date back to 1431 to Dracula, the first Vampire. However, if we look back even further we will find evidence of tales of immortal beings.  


People have always been fascinated by the concept of immortality - the idea of staying young and beautiful “forever” or as long as possible - is appealing to most people, to which we can see unequivocally reflected in society today. 


Pop culture references of Vampires - Twilight, Interview with the Vampire, and TV Shows like Vampire Diaries - portray vampires in a way that is most appealing. The characters are alluring and youthful, bound by the common thread of immortality. 


The entire collection was inspired by dark mystical beings to which Mary wanted to encorporate by using a dark backdrop, with models pale and ethereal - offset by the overall black & white theme. 


Be sure to stalk Mary on Bangstyle to see her latest hair art! 


Hair: Mary Alamine
Make-up: Mikele Simone
Photography: David Mannah
Styling: Jana Bartolo