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Written by, Colortrak Artistic and Technical Director, Gregory Alan.

This client came in with previously colored hair in a honey blonde shade with a slight root. After consulting with the client, the goal was to brighten her color to a cooler blonde and soften the roots. We decided to use a combination of highlights and “color melted” bright ends to achieve the final result. 


Formulation #1 – 40 Volume Redken Flash Lift with Olaplex

Formulation #2 - 30 Volume Redken Flash Lift with Olaplex

Glazing Formula – Shades EQ 9P


The Steps!

Step 1: Begin by dividing the hair into 4 sections: Front, Back, Left and Right.


Step 2:  Start your application by taking a diagonal back section and working with a sliced section. Apply Formulation #1 from roots to previously lightened hair. 


Step 3: Then square off the diagonal section with a horizontal section from the top of the previous section. This application technique creates a ton of color in a small area. 


Step 4: Continue working in this pattern until you reach your client’s part line. 


Step 5: Repeat the same color process on the opposite side. 


Step 6: Then, begin the same application in the back by working in diagonal back sections that create a “V” pattern. 


Step 7: Begin your balayage color application by applying the color throughout the hair in between the foils using Formulation #2.


Step 8:  When applying the balayage color use Colortrak’s Pop-Up Foil to brighten the ends.  Continue the application throughout the remaining hair, and then allow the color to process.


Step 9: Glaze the hair using the Glazing Color Formula.  

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