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As a stylist, putting the finishing touches on a beautiful cut, or blowout, is one of the most rewarding feelings, because you take pride in your work. Being slowed down by unclean brushes, tools, and especially product, puts a damper on the entire experience. Although we can’t clean your brushes for you, we can ensure that your product will stay clean and tidy, free from hair and debris!


Say goodbye to gunk in your puck and hello to Fuel’s new Air-Pump Sculpting Series!

Fuel knows that sometimes dust and stray hairs tag along when you grab product out of a traditional puck. When you reach for product, you want to get just that – clean product that does exactly what you need it to.

But keeping a puck clean can be a tricky task, so Fuel decided that it would do away with the traditional and create something innovative, thus the Air-Pump Sculpting Series was born.

The NEW Air-Pump line includes a light-holding, high shine Pomade, a medium-holding, natural finish Putty, and a strong-holding, matte finish Paste. These products are in a stylist-tested Air-Pump package, powered by clean air.

Each product contains natural extracts; Air-Pump Pomade contains aloe vera to protect against moisture loss and bamboo extract for incredible shine. Air-Pump Putty and Paste both contain green tea extract to protect hair from free radical damage, shea butter, which is a natural conditioner, and bamboo to strengthen hair.

The best part? There’s no product waste! The Air-Pump packaging ensures that 100% of the product comes out of the package. With a revolutionary tilt-valve nozzle, product is dispensed exactly where you want it. 




Minimum Mess. Maximum Control.

To learn more about Air-Pump Pomade, Putty and Paste be sure to stalk Fuel on Bangstyle and stay up to date with their latest tutorials!