5af2c01989a841f7367d summit style


Ah the mountains. Stunning views, perfect powder, pristine fresh air, hollywood glamour hair… 

Wait… What?  Less than perfect hair?  Yep. Helmet head is just one of the problems to compliment the glowing green crust ensnared in your nose hair.  That along with a flakey scalp akin to a dry lake bed qualifies you for Miss Grizzly Adams in the upcoming ugly mountain girl pageant. After one run, a look in the crowded cattle filled main lodge mirror dashes any dreams of sexy outdoor girl hair on the rocks of reality. Your mane resembles your last Joe Dirt haircut (we all make poor choices), or a perfect cast of the spherical deathstar, complete with a sweaty goggle impression around your eyes. How bout that dark smear of hot cocoa on your upper lip?  Not a good look?


And what about when the mountain closes?  Toasty and warm near the fire, it’s glowing embers casting a warm hue over your shiny tresses?  NO???!! It’s more like the elements crafted complex rat’s nests around the base of your skull. Even a Pee Wee Herman sized comb would not make any purchase in that gnarled mass, and with a sigh you consider applying yesterdays bacon grease as a de-tangling agent. 


Fear not! snow caked icy hair can be tamed.  Using braids will be your best bet. Try two French braids, they fit under a ski helmet and keep hair smooth and in check throughout the day. If braiding is not your forte, aim for a low pony with a single braid. Since mountain air can dry out hair, leave-in conditioner is a must. Apres ski, spritz a heavy dose of dry shampoo & dry conditioner (your new bestie) and unleash your inner Von Tramp, those locks will flow into a wavy sublime style. 



Style by: Royston Blythe