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Cover style: Edwin Johnston

Coachella is only a few weeks away, you already know what outfit you’re wearing, but do you have a plan for your hair? Think about it, 3 days in the desert, endless dancing, partying and no time to prep your hair. Want to know how to survive the weekend and still look #flawless?


Style By: Michael Beel


We’ve got a style plan worked out for you. Day 1: Give yourself the perfect blowout to last the weekend!

You already know you're taking Friday off work, obvi, which mean’s your morning is free to primp. Wash your hair at least 2 times, use a shampoo that cleanses your hair type well - removing excess product build up and oils. Condition only the ends, so it doesn’t weigh down volume at the roots - this will help extend the style. 

Apply product minimally, and focus on the ends - pick a hydrating serum or heat protectant spray to guard your hair against heat damage without overloading it with product. Use a round boar bristle brush to blowout your hair in defined sections. Beginning in the front will ensure the most volume, movement and the perfect face frame. Using a boar bristle brush is important because it will give you the ultimate volume and movement while providing shine and curl.

Skip any finishing products, the desert has got your covered for that “lived-in” look. 

Stay tuned for Day 2 love bugs!