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With the winter season setting in, you may notice a new wave of drinks at Starbucks, a flurry of scarves and beanies at every turn, and the sudden need for a moisturizing treatment for your hair! Although you may think that summertime is when your locks become dry from the heat, the brutal winter air is actually much more detrimental. It becomes whipped by the wind, frizzy from the rain, and dry from the cold. There are a few tricks that moisturize the most parched strands and smooth the most untamable of tresses.


There are a few factors to take into account to achieve your desired outcome.


If you’re looking to end the frizz permanently and deep condition your hair, the Cezanne Perfect Finish is your best choice. The treatment conditions your hair while cutting the frizz factor, leaving you with shinier, healthier, more manageable hair for months! This means less time fighting the elements trying to get the style you want. 


If you aren’t quite sure if the Cezanne Perfect Finish is the treatment for you, try the Express version! It takes a fraction of the time to complete and is a good short-term example of how the Perfect Finish will feel in your hair.   


Whether you get a smoothing treatment or want to battle the blizzard alone, switching out your normal shampoo and conditioner for a formula that will give your hair a little extra TLC is key!


Perfect Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is the answer to your winter woes. Not only does it work to extend the life of your Cezanne smoothing treatment, it’s a daily, color-safe shampoo and conditioning system that improves the look and feel of your hair—free from parabens, sulfates, gluten and phthalates! With Cezanne, your hair won’t have to battle the cold this winter because you’ll be protected from the elements!


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