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There is no doubt about it, a properly quaffed quiff is the new black. Men’s styling is at the height of fashion and with this, knowing how to control your mane is key.

As your styling game evolves, and you learn the differences between pastes, pomades, and clays, you’ll realize all the ways you can manipulate your hair to create new looks. One element that will set you apart from the rest is being able to finish the style you’ve started.  

Although you may know about this product, and have probably stolen a spritz, or two, from your girlfriend before…there is a new tool in town, that YOU can utilize for finishing, styling, and refreshing - HAIRSPRAY.

Sure, you could just continue stealing this miracle worker from your girlfriend, but theres another reason why you should invest in a hairspray all your own. 18.21 Man Made’s version is manly - and there aren't many of these on the market - it has a rugged hold and smells like sweet tobacco, which means there's finally a hairspray that you can take pride in owning. 

Now, you might be thinking you already have your set styling routine, and you don’t need to change it, however using hairspray can change your total look from concept to completion. If you have finer or thinner hair, it will add style and control without weighing your hair down or making it look sparse. 

If you’re wearing your hair curly or straight, chances are you’ll be dealing with flyaways. Try using a hairspray to tame those unruly hairs - a spritz and a quick comb will help finish your style and keep everything in place.

Now that you’ve been clued into this men’s grooming secret - go forth and take pride in your styling, with Man Made Goods. ​