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The season of the chop had many of us committing to edgy hairstyles and complete makeovers. From the lob to short layers and bangs, to shades like chestnut, peach, and platinum, our hair has taken on a life of its own. But for those of us who jumped the wagon too fast, we may have lost sight of our ends, literally.

Are you planning out your biotin, essential oils, and omegas already? Ironically we’re always trying to stimulate hair growth and get shine with products that are suppose to directly produce effects on our hair through the delivery of nutrients. But what is commonly overlooked is what we apply directly as we cleanse our hair in the shower, ‘wash after wash’ (your shampoo might be under some criticism). What most don’t realize is what a culprit haircare products can be on the health of our hair cuticles! Did you know that some of the ingredients in your shampoo can actually be found in household cleaning products? Yikes!

For a beneficial regimen of growth stimulation, hydration, and nourishment, try swapping out your regular shampoo for Revita or Revita.LT (for those in that blonde or platinum phase). With cutting-edge ingredients and powerful elements that work together to oppose follicular dysfunction you’ll find that your shag will grow from shabby to chic in no time. Invigorate your scalp with a sulfate/ detergent free shampoo that will boost your hair into restoration and growth! 

With Revita’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, your hair will not only regain health, but be protected against pollutants and chemicals that can often lead to damaged hair and growth prevention. 

For a seamless Spring grow out, be sure to check in with your stylist for upkeep trims as your hair lengthens! Grow on!


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