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While you spent all of your spring break out relaxing on the sand and in the sun, your hair was busy working overtime. In addition to days by the pool and in the ocean, your hair was further damaged by all of the different products that you used over break. All of that hairspray, heat protectant, volume powder, texturizing spray, etc. has truly exhausted your hair. But even though you’re no longer on spring break, your hair has yet to recover. In fact, returning to your normal haircare routine may even make the problem worse. So how do you fix it?

The key to success is a clean start— a softening, clarifying shampoo. Radia Clarifying & Softening Shampoo is specifically designed for those of you who need to clear away the toxic chemicals that build up on hair from the environment and hard water. It will keep your hair soft, day in and day out. This build-up occurs in your hair from repeated use of products; it often results in loss of volume at your roots or causes greasiness. The clarifying shampoo strips out chemicals, oils, toxins without adding add any additional color. It is a cleansing shampoo, soft enough to use everyday, that helps removes impurities in order to fully restore your hair.


By keeping your hair free of added environmental toxins, your scalp will thank you! Removing toxins from your scalp will improve your overall hair health. Just think: clean scalp, healthy hair, happy life.


It can be used as a daily shampoo, or you can use it on an occasional basis— like for spring break detox. By incorporating Radia into your routine, other hair products will then be able to delver their optimal effectiveness. Hard water is a key factor in the quality of your hair, with Radia you can stop worrying about what your water quality may be doing to your hair, because Radia will replenish your locks from these harsh effects and repel buildup in the first place. It softens and clears your hair of leftover product and makes way for the new. For best results, it should be used at least once a week to give your hair a deep cleanse; this will work to remove any excess residue left by other products.

Safe to use on color, Radia even helps restore colored hair. During spring and summer, those long days in the pool can damages colored hair— especially blondes. Radia will help blonde color stay true regardless if it’s colored or natural blonde.

Stylists can also use Radia for improving salon color treatment. It is the perfect product to fully cleanse a client’s hair before toning - after lightening hair with bleach, this shampoo can remove the excess residue that would usually interfere when applying toner. Radia ensures that the hair is clean, yet conditioned, before depositing the toner, and will enhance the color treatment. 

Regular use of Radia will help restore damaged  and overworked hair. This softening, clarifying shampoo will rid your hair of toxins while allowing your products to properly protect it from environmental toxins. Now, you can continue to have fun in the sun for the rest of summer with #noregrets.

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