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Whether it’s the first time you’re meeting, or a loyal of client of 10 years, having a consultation is the key to your success as a stylist and happiness as a client. It’s important to have a conversation about what they are looking for, in order for you to map out how you will get there. We put together this guide to give you a better understanding of what to ask, and what to be prepared to answer! 


1. What do you love about your hair right now and what do you dislike?

This question will help engage you two to speak freely about your lifestyle, things that are working for you and any current problem areas. Women can usually identify what they ‘hate’ about their hair, while men explain more about the style they are looking for. This is also a good time to speak about celebrity hair icons or pictures for inspiration.


2. How often do you wash your hair?

Be honest! How often you wash your hair can affect the overall cut and style you should get. If days go by between washes, there are certain techniques that can be implemented to give you more versatility to do so.



3. What products do you use at home?

This can open up an educational conversation for both of you. Talk about it throughout your service - it will you understand their habits, help each them how to utilize their current styling products, or recommend new ones to maintain their look at home.


4. How often do you style your hair?

If you style hair daily (or switch up looks more than once a day), and particularly when heat is involved, your strands may require some extra TLC. This is a great time to understand new products, learn about in-salon treatments, and new ways to protect your hair. 



5. What do you do for work?

Occupation can often times have a large roll in understanding the lifestyle and habits of hair. It will give you both an idea of what will and wont work for your style, and can open you up to techniques and tips to alleviate maintenance.


6. What kind of activities are you interested in?

If you partake in an array of workout activities, are a swimmer or surfer, or possibly like to hike on the weekends - a super short cut may, or may not, be for you. It is also important to understand this lifestyle information when instructing your clients on shampooing, deep conditioning or product usage. This may dictate special products for hair color, or cuts more regularly than not. 


When was the last cut or color you had? 

Again, VERY IMPORTANT - Be honest here. You may have stumbled into the salon after a bad cut or even (duh duh duh) a home box dye, and you need help. It is important to understand exactly what you didn’t like in your last haircut, and if there is box dye in your hair - it wont hide, so let them know before they begin to try and change it for you. 


A True Stylist is all about giving your best each day you work behind the chair, and having an amazing consultation is key. We’re curious, how often do you have a consultation?


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