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My mother always told me, to never walk out of the house looking unkempt; you never know whom you are going to meet or run it to. This sentiment carried over into most facets of lifestyle, even some of the unexpected, like the gym. Although, I’m probably not the only person to get gussied up before hitting the gym, some may still think it is silly, however I find it practical.


Styling your hair before hitting the gym, going for a hike, or stretching it out on the yoga mat means that you’re in it to win it. You don’t want your hair to get in the way of your workout, and if you’re going to be in public you might as well give everyone something nice to look at. I style my hair for the same reason I use deodorant, and you should too.


Here are a few tips to keeping your hair out of your face and in control!


  • If your hair is on the straighter and finer side, use a blow dryer to direct your hair out of your face and finish with a dose of PASTE and a spritz of HAIRSPRAY. This is a sure fire way to keep pieces from falling while you lift those LBS
  • For curly or wavy textured hair: after dry apply a CLAY and POMADE mixture to keep those curls in control. If your hair is long enough you might even pull it back into a mini, full, or half pony, or braid it if you dare.
  • If your hair is short, apply 3 sprays of the Sweet Tobacco Spirits – the aroma alone will get you through your workout and you’re sure to even make a few friends.


Having great looking hair at the gym will give you more confidence and leave you feeling better about any workout. Just remember, even if you’re not the buffest guy at the gym, you’ll still be giving off the best aroma with 18.21 Man Made.