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In this day and age, saving water is a growing concern. Albeit there are many other times - out of neccesity - that you'll need to be able to wash your hair without water. 

You’re trapped out in the desert (probably at Coachella) and there’s no water around— how on earth are you going to wash your hair? Okay, well if you’re lost in the desert, then this is probably your last concern. Even if you’re not stranded in the desert, there are still plenty of times when you need to wash your hair but don’t have access to a shower or you simply don’t have the time. No shower? No problem! Take a peek at our shower-less solution for any situation. 


Answer #1: Dry Shampoo In the modern world of beauty, you can wash your hair without having to shower. How is this possible, you ask? Dry shampoo! amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo absorbs oils and impurities on the scalp and hair. It will give you a freshly washed look, feel and smell. Don’t leave the house with your hair hiding in a ponytail. This dry shampoo will give you increased volume and texture. You will be able to ditch the rubber band and still look glam with day-after hair. To apply, just massage Amika’s lightweight formula into the roots for soft volume. But wait, you’re not done yet.


Answer #2: Dry Conditioner Just like in the shower, you cannot shampoo your hair without conditioning it, too. amika’s Silken Up Dry Conditioner is the second step need to fully refresh your hair between showers. The weightless, anti-static formula works to restore a glossy sheen. Simply, spray onto your hair and that’s it! This dry conditioner pairs perfectly with the Perk Up Dry Shampoo in order to further perfect the freshly washed look and feel of your hair. 


Whether you’re on a weekend camping trip or just running late on Monday morning, the right products will allow you to skip the shower and still look clean. Dry shampoo and conditioner will revive your hair and give it a freshly washed look— no water needed. With amika, you can save time, save water, and stay stylish.

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