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Joey Scandizzo, Creative Director of ELEVEN Australia gives us an inside look at his collections and his life. See his collection and find out how his hair inspirations come to life. From a daily 10K run to his son Jagger, find out what a day in the life of Joey is like... Here's 11 Minutes with Joey.



1. How did you get into hairstyling?

I wasn’t the greatest at school and got bored easily. I wanted to leave school and start a career, I had a chat with my dad and he said I should look at hairdressing, its creative and you’ll get to meet loads of people…especially girls…so I was hooked!

2. Which past hairstyle of yours has been your favourite?  Mowhawk! I loved it and had it before David Beckham made it cool!

Have there been any you’ve regretted? Flat Top… It didn’t work for me at all!

3. In your “Poolside” collection your use of color to highlight the cuts is magnificent, how do you achieve this type of work? 

I make sure I work with the best colourists and team who understand my vision and know how to bring that to life through colour.




"Poolside" by Joey Scandizzo






4. Has transitioning into education changed your styling in any way? 

I find I have gone back to more structured cuts. It’s great because I have to really think about why I do things and make sure I can explain everything.

5. You’re hair art speaks for itself, are you artistic outside of this medium?

Not really, I’m more into my sport! I like fashion and  collaborating with my team on shoots- I guess that's when I am able to be most creative and work with different material, not just hair… So I guess that is art!

6. What has been the most important skill you continue to practice in order to hone your career? Hard work and education for myself. You can never stop learning. 

7. You collection from the Hair Expo Awards is on another level! How did you dream this collection up?

I have always been a massive fan of Mad Max since I was a little kid and always loved researching different tribes. I have always wanted to bring this to life through a collection.

8. When you’re creating and styling a collection like this, what goes through your mind? 

Don't stuff it up!!!! Try to create something epic, stay true to your idea but open to expanding on it and see where it can go. 





 "2015 Hair Expo" by Joey Scandizzo




9.. What is your source of inspiration on the daily? 

My 10K run every morning, it clears my mind and gets me ready for the day.

10. What moment do you look forward to most each day? 

Seeing my boy, Jagger, wake up in the morning, and food… I cant go past food! 

11. Any advice for stylists looking to become educators? 

Have patience and make sure you know what you are talking about – take your ego out of it and be a great example and mentor for others.


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