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With beach waves being a fan favorite, we never thought we would see the day when straighter styles would regain popularity for the summer, but it’s true – straight is back in style.  It is not exactly the “straight” that you once knew, perfectly pointed and slick to the side of your head, it still echoes beach waves past, with a bit of a bend in it.  So before you dust off the straightener stashed in your hall closet, try these simple steps to get the “new straight”.  


STEP 1: Prep hair with Bombshell Blowout Spray at the roots, and Heat Defense Serum through the mid-lengths to ends. Creating body at the base of your style will ultimately give the entire look more movement, which is key for the “new straight”.  Before heat styling it is imperative to protect your tresses with a heat protectant, the Heat Defense Serum will protect your hair during styling without weighing it down.


STEP 2: Begin to blow dry hair straight with the Power Cloud, creating a twist mid-strand. Achieve this by using a round brush and twirling the brush around once (same motion as using a curling iron) and pulling straight through the ends. If ends are holding a curl, use a paddle brush to blow them even straighter.


STEP 3: As soon as your hair is completely dry, flip your head and mist UN.DONE Texture Spray throughout; this will create that messy undone look all the it-girls are sporting. It will also shield your hair from flyaways due to summer heat and humidity, #winning!


Whether you pair this style with the latest athleisure or boho style, this look is sure to steal the show. Live free and wild, and let your hair down this summer, just don’t forget the sunscreen while you’re having fun and looking fabulous!


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