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This weekend we spoke with make up icon and ELEVEN Australia Creative, Kylie O’Toole. Moulin Rouge and Great Gatsby to acclaimed fashion campaigns – she’s done it all! How? With creative ideas, an eye for detail and keeping down-to-earth with her kids and husband. The industry needs more Kylies!

    1    As a renowned makeup artist, what question do people never stop asking?

    “What celebrities have you worked with?” and “What make up do you have in your kit?”    

    2    Ha! Well, who is your favourite celeb to work with?

        Just one!? Kate Winslet, Isabel Lucas, Rachel Griffith, Justine Clarke, the list goes on

    3    What’s your favourite skincare product?

        Rationale Cosmeceuticals.


    4    My career highlight was…

        working with Hagar Australia.

    5    What makeup trends should be avoided?

        Thin eyebrows (we all learn that the hard way!).

    6    What’s the most common makeup trap we fall for?

        Getting sold the wrong tone foundation.


    7    What is the #1 make up rule to live by?

        No rules!

    8    The “Less is more” mantra – correct or faux pas?

        Depends on what your referring too ;)

    9    How would you describe your style?

        Definitely not “less is more”. I can’t NOT wear colour!



    10    After a bad day, I…

        Hold my kids and be grateful.

    11    What’s your favourite hair care product and why?

        Miracle Hair Treatment. It’s the product for people who don’t like product! I’m addicted.

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