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As rich in texture as it was in culture the Rohmir AW17 show at London Fashion Week was a tribute to traditionally Spanish clothing. The show, El Castillo Secreto – The Secret Castle, included a myriad of elements reflecting the true passion of hair and fashion from the designer’s travels through Spain.

This modernized take on tradition included Matador hats, fringed jackets, plush velvets and deep hues with pops of color from trims and perfectly placed embellishments.

The hair, a Spanish roll, was created by Efi Davies label.m International Artistic Director as she led the label.m Session Team backstage at Rohmir AW17. To create a look that emulated the feel of the show, Efi wanted to ensure the hair felt luxurious, so she created a slicked-back style with tons of shine.

1. Prep the hair with label.m Volume Mousse

2. After drying the hair, separate it into two with triangle parting just below the crown.  

3. With the lower section, create a clean ponytail at the back of the head.

4. Run fingers through the top section with label.m Texturising Volume Spray.

5. Connect the top section to the ponytail.

6. Place a form underneath the ponytail and roll it up, grip and pin into place.

7. To create the finishing touches, layer label.m Hairspray on the surface to create a high shine effect.


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LFW Rohmir AW17 - label.m

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LFW Rohmir AW17 - label.m

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LFW Rohmir AW17 - label.m