Texturising Volume Spray

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Provides blown-up volume and lived-in texture


Combines the volume of backcombing (without the damage) and with the hold of a hairspray and the texturizing benefits of a dry shampoo for instant long-lasting root lift - thus taking any hair type to new heights. Texturising Volume Spray makes it quick and easy to get that blown up volume and lived-in texture for runway-ready hair, perfect for special occasions or for phenomenal styling every day.

How to Use

Apply evenly, concentrating on the roots and teasing with your fingers or a comb to build height.


  • Powder-based

  • Carefully formulated with the latest technology and specialty ingredients that’s fast-drying

  • Distributes an even coating that’s easy to brush or wash out

  • Long-lasting Volume, Texture and Holding Power


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