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Oh Efi! You never cease to amaze us. First you stun us with your intricate braids and woven masterpieces… and now this. A bouncy yet tamed style to perfectly match the fashion of the 70s textures for the Elle B Zhou SS17 show at London Fashion Week. Take a peek behind the scenes and see how Efi Davies created this look and the inspirations of Elle B Zhou behind it all… 


The Collection 
The inspiration behind the larger-than-life look was Elle’s beloved Grandma and a rerun of the flamboyant 70’s. It was this era which Efi Davies, International Artistic Director at TONI&GUY, channeled into the hair look. The statement prints have been amplified with big hair, which is fluffy and unstructured. The 70’s feel is enhanced with a strong and sleek parting, and big texture just above the cheekbone area.
 “The inspiration behind my SS17 collection was my grandmother and she always took caring for her hair very seriously. Her statement look during the 70’s was a bold and bouncy curl, always very big. It was important to me to incorporate her fun sense of style into the garments- big, fun statements of style with a 70’s vibe.”
- Elle B Zhou, Designer
Get the Look
Step 1: Start with natural, dry hair and wet down vertical sections using label.m Hairspray
Step 2: Figure-of-eight the length of the hair around the ends of a coat hanger
Step 3: Use a label.m Titanium Pro-50 Styling Iron to heat and seal the figure-of-eights into an unruly zigzag effect
Step 4: Remove the coat hanger ends and brush through the length of the hair with label.m Dry Shampoo and a label.m Grooming Brush for beautiful, dry and fluffy texture
Step 5: Use shine mist on the roots to add the sheen and gloss of the 70’s era

The Hair 
“It was important to maintain the fluffy textures of the 70’s era whilst keeping the hair big and bold to be in keeping with the look and feel of the heavily printed collection”

The Products
label.m Texturizing Volume Spray 
label.m Dry Shampoo 
label.m Hairspray 
label.m Shine Mist 
label.m Volume Mousse 
The Kit 
label.m Titanium Pro-50 Styling Iron 
label.m Grooming Brush 
label.m Jumbo Comb 
Credits: Hair styling by TONI&GUY Session Team using label.m Professional Haircare

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