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Changing up your hairstyle is the easiest way to transform your overall style in a snap. While many will go through the process of chopping it off, growing it out, bleaching it platinum and dyeing it dark, sometimes all you need is to refresh your routine and try on a new hairstyle.

Trends can be cyclical or take on new forms of old looks; the latest summer trend does just that. Think of the perfect straight blowout from the 90s (a la Rachel Green) then sleep on it and mess it up a bit – Slept-In Straight, or what we like to call: the revamped style from the Friends (Jen Anniston) glory days, is making a huge comeback. It is a mix of encorporating texture into a sleek style, not straight, not curly or wavy, just perfectly undone.

How to get the look? Simple.

Start on wet hair and apply a thermal protectant, like label.m Heat Protection Spray. Flip your head upside down and rough dry to remove moisture and add volume. Once about 80-90% dry, use a paddle brush to get the ends a little straighter and to tame any frizz or baby hairs. Once dry use a flat iron to perfect your ends and add a bit of wave around the face. There should be a delicate balance between volume, texture and straight styling to create the varied effect.

To finish, use label.m Shaper to define texture and control your slight waves, then spritz with label.m Hold & Gloss Spray to keep your style in place and add shine!

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label.m Heat Protection Spray

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label.m Shaper

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label.m Hold & Gloss Spray