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In 2018, barriers will be broken, boundaries will be pushed to the limits, and the lines between masculinity and femininity will be blurred. Androgynous styles are slated to be a huge trend on the runways and in the streets. Case in point: label.m has launched the “We Are Two” campaign, a collection of au courant styles that celebrate equality, diversity and individuality. But the leading brand isn’t the only one recognizing the cultural shift—androgynous looks are taking over social media and inspiring a myriad of edgy cuts for the year ahead. Check out three androgynous styles we’re loving at the moment.


The mullet has officially made its long-awaited return. The key to this modern take on the retro style? Lots of texture and definition. To give strands that piecey look, apply label.men Texture Wax Stick to damp strands, then massage your roots as you blow-dry to add extra volume.




Sharp angles and a center part add a grunge feel to longer locks. To give strands that “gritty” look, apply label.men Grooming Cream to damp hair, then blow-dry using a paddle brush. Create a center part, then use a dime-size amount of label.men Deconstructor to smooth down the hair around your part and minimize flyaways.




“Boyish” cuts look modern and edgy on both men and women. To achieve the style, use the label.m Fashion Edition Wax Spray to slick down the hair and add separation and definition to shorter locks.

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