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No matter what time you wake up, mornings always feel rushed. From fitting in a pilates sesh or early morning run, to walking the dog and having enough time to pack lunch before making it to the L train on time – where does the time go? While you need to make the extra effort to feel good, looking good should be a simpler task. Check out a few of our favorite tips to take your look from swift to stylish.

Do the twist – Although we LOVE braids, sometimes on a busy morning, they just don’t corporate. For a simpler style with the same feel, opt for twists instead. Place them at the root to hide bed head or use twisted tendrils to create a half up style. Simply prep strands with Texturising Volume Spray at the roots (for lift) and spritz tendrils with Shine Mist to control flyaways and add shine. Then take your desired section, separate in two and twist them, securing with a bobby pin at the root or elastic at the end.

Slick Pony – When in doubt, pull it all back. This style is best suited for wet hair or seriously disheveled bed-head. While you may think your pony looks unkempt there is a quick fix to ensure a smooth style – label.m Texture Wax Stick. This stick is an easy to use alternative for hairspray and will hold your pony tight. Simply apply directly to dry or damp hair, it is perfect for those hairs that stick straight out around your temples or the baby hairs at the nape of your next, simply swipe it and use your fingers to mold your style into shape.

Messy-Chic Chignon – There’s been a revolution for the low pony and its entire offspring. This season, low, sexy chignons are the go-to style for the model-off-duty look. Starting on previously styled (second day) hair, add Texturising Volume Spray throughout to increase volume, texture and hold. Leaving height at your roots, loosely pull your hair back toward the nape (and off to one side if you like). Secure with an elastic and then use bobby pins to twist tendrils and pin into the base of the pony. To control the style and keep it in place, spritz Hairspray over your ends and you’re good to go!

Mornings can be messy, but your hair doesn’t have to be. Leave the dishes in the sink until tonight and perfect your tousled tresses now!

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